Jasper Steinhausen

Environmental Impact

Is a Fulfilment Director at Ouroboros AS, a company that helps business leaders get the best of both worlds – tangible business results and positive environmental impact. He is on a mission to create massive impact through his clients in the form of business success, jobs and positive environmental impact. 


He has helped everything from global frontrunners to SME’s and cities on how they should tackle sustainability and circular economy to create business with embedded environmental impact. Jasper has been an adviser to the Danish government Circular Economy advisory board.

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Every business has the power to change lives through its everyday business activities.

Jasper Steinhausen

Recent Keynotes

  • Sintef - Annual Circular Economy Conference, Langesund, Norway 2019

  • Cosmetics and Detergents industries – Annual conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2019

  • Aarhus University industry collaboration network seminar, Aarhus, Denmark,2019