Louise Roper

Regenerative Economy

Is the CEO and Executive Director at Volans, the think tank that translates the emergent future for businesses, to help drive systemic, positive change around some of the planet’s most wicked problems. Louise has always worked at the bleeding edge of innovation and is a passionate advocate for business to change the world, and strongly believes that empowering each individual to be their very best is the key to better business. This belief is part of what drove her to establish Ripplemaking, a company with which she is still involved today, to help enable young companies to launch, grow and be successful in the circular economy.

Louise is a guest lecturer at Cranfield University’s Centre for Design, Innovation and Sustainability, and lectures at Exeter Business School where she is also on the Industrial Advisory Board. 


She is also on the Advisory board of the Global CO2 Initiative, run by the University of Michigan and the Carbon to Value Fund, that has recently been established by the architect of the CarbonXPrize amongst others. 

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The willingness and ability to imagine a different future is the most important quality we need to nourish in leaders today. 

Louise Roper

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